Remote Mixing FAQ

1. How does remote work? 
It’s simple! 

  • Decide upon deliverables, timing.
  • Upload your files to us, either from your web delivery service or we can set you up with folder.
  • We’ll mix away.
  • Address feedback and finalize.
  • Deliver finals.

2. Why Remote?
Everyone is busy and many times teams are in scattered locations. Working remotely allows you to take advantage of top tier mixers from around the country.  You get the highest quality mixes wherever you happen to be. You could be chained to your computer down the street or kicking it poolside in the Bahamas. As long as you’ve got internet and some good speakers or headphones, you’re good to go. 

3. What are the benefits?
Be anywhere, get things quicker, access to the best talent. competitive prices. 

4. How quickly can we get it done?
It depends on the deliverables, but probably a bit faster than you might be used to. 

5. Is there a way to virtually attend?
Yes, we can set up either a call or video feed, dependent on mixer availability.

6. What if we decide mid way through, we’d like to come to the session?
If you are in Los Angeles, come on over!! Any of our mixers can transfer their mix sessions to Studio 5 in LA. We can finish it up all together.